207A Lightweight-series, aluminium body.
208A Heavyweight-series, brass body.
Mallets are available with a limited number of tip combinations only, but you can customize your mallet by selecting a body and two tips of your choice.
Bit only
  207A.25CBLightweight-series25EC - EB0,135
  207A.32CBLightweight-series32EC - EB0,205
  207A.40CBLightweight-series40EC - EB0,350
  207A.50CBLightweight-series50EC - EB0,350
  207A.60CBLightweight-series60EC - EB0,528
  208A.25CBHeavyweight-series25EC - EB0,220
  208A.32CBHeavyweight-series32EC - EB0,345
  208A.32ABHeavyweight-series32EA - EB0,390
  208A.32BBHeavyweight-series32EB - EB0,375
  208A.40CBHeavyweight-series40EC - EB0,615
  208A.40CCHeavyweight-series40EC - EC0,626
  208A.50CBHeavyweight-series50EC - EB1,050
  208A.60CBHeavyweight-serie60EC - EB1,663