Supplied loose, as below.
  CM.BUR16,8 kg.
  4013Combination wrenches 5.5 - 6 to 14 - 16 to 18 mm
  R.425AP26 1/4" socket set 5.5 to 14 mm and accessories
(in a case)
  AZ3Machined round-blade screwdrivers 3.5x75 - 5.5x100 - 6.5x150 mm
  AY.4X100VE1Insulated screwdriver 4 mm
  AZB.6,5X401Short screwdriver for slotted heads 6.5 mm
  AZP3Screwdrivers for Phillips heads no. 0 - 1 - 2
  AFU.21Screw starter for slotted heads
  AFUX.11Screw starter for cross-heads
  ARZ.41Offset round-blade screwdriver 4 mm
  MT.J311Microtech tools
  83H.JP99Sleeve set of hexagonal keys 1,5 to 10 mm
  187.18CPE1Sheathed combination pliers
  188.20CPE1Sheathed flat-nose pliers
  183.20CPE1Sheathed angled half-round nose pliers
  391.16CPE1Sheathed diagonal cutters
  176A.CP1Multigrip pliers
  4671Set of outside-circlip pliers + tips
  4691Set of inside-circlip pliers and tips
  1631Wire stripper and cutter
  1230.401Electronic soldering iron 40W
  6616261Reel of solder wire
  839A1Desoldering pump
  1802A2Black and red "mini" wire-holders
  840.11Electricians knife with wire stripper
  AS.6L180T06Wallet set of needle files
  200A.261Riveting hammer
  207A.32CB1Plastic-tip mallet
  251A5Drift punches 1.5 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 mm
  256.2,51Precision centre punch
  17121"Locking" tape rule 2m
  8041Feeler gauge 19 blades
  827B1Magnetic retriever